The brand
There are names that contain magic and that can be interpreted from different points of view: in the traditional way (from left to right) and in an original and unusual way (from right to left). 
So is the name Savas, which belongs to the family history of the Swedish designer Rasmus Ringberg. The name Savas represents a twofold interpretation of both tradition and novelty.
 On the one hand, a strong tradition of Italian leather: high quality materials, fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and finishing. On the other hand, the originality of style: nordic design, minimalist, functional and elegant in its simplicity.

The Savas brand was born out of a collection of handbags and accessories of the highest quality, where the young Swedish designer Rasmus Ringberg builds on his heritage and knowledge of Italian leather goods to offer women indispensable accessories, life companions, and unique styles. All the bags are made from high-quality leathers – from calf to crocodile – all created in Italy by skilled artisans with a long tradition of serving historical brands. The selection of skins together with the choice of accessories and scrupulous attention to detail is obsessive. The production which is 100% “made in Italy” is a choice strongly supported by the Swedish creator, and guarantees the use of high quality of materials and workmanship.

The first collection
Savas make his debut on the fashion stage with his first collection for Fall-Winter 2013-14. It is a quiet unspoken style where functionality and beauty come together to create unique creations. The collection includes seven models in simple shapes, made of high quality leather, with different finishes and meticulous detail, in an array of shades that meet the feminine desire and each embellished with a miniature work of art.The small sculpture of a deer in metal characterizes the collection and becomes a symbol of the philosophy of this Swedish designer, whose desire is to bring together the energy and poetry of nature into a dynamic, metropolitan world. From clutches to weekenders, the spirit of the collection shapes to different models from simple and sophisticated styles well suited to a contemporary urban lifestyle. Within the collection the model Caroline stands out and is for a woman dedicated to unconventional chic, capable of dictating style with a hint of irony. The Leather bag is encased in a precious metal basket, halfway between a duty free basket and that of Little Red Riding Hood, is a fine example of a witty and irreverent style, and a counter-current choice without sacrificing taste with sophisticated craftsmanship. Thanks to its precious and playful stylistic air, for an accessory that will not go unnoticed.